Customize Your Coins

Customize Your Coins

In addition to our standard Golf Challenge Coins, we also offer customized Golf Challenge Coins. Our customization includes adding your Golf Club’s Logo, your Golf Organization’s Logo, your Golf Tournament’s/Event’s Logo and/or your Slogan, on the back side of the coins.

EXAMPLES: customized golf challenge coins with golf event's logo and golf tournament's logo and slogan on the back side:

Coins with Golf Club’s Logo


Coins with Golf Organization’s Logo and Slogan

Golf Buddies - Est 2005 Coins

EXAMPLES: Customized Coins with Golf Organization’s and Golf Tournament’s/Event’s Logo on the back side:

Coins with Golf Event’s Logo

Miami International Golf Show Coins

Coins with Golf Tournament’s Logo and Slogan

African American Golf EXPO & Forum Coins

Want customized Golf Challenge Coins?

Provide us your Logo or Slogan; contact us at: and we will customize your coins.