About Us

About Us

Tommy Burns Golf Challenge Coins, LLC

The idea of the Golf Challenge Coin was inspired by the Military Challenge Coin. I served a 23+ year career in the US military, and I am intimately familiar with the sacred tradition of Military Challenge Coins.

Having initiated Coin Challenges, and having been on the receiving end of Coin Challenges, I have experienced both the joy of winning and the disappointment of losing Coin Challenges.
joy of winning a few Challenges and the disappointment of losing a few Coin Challenges-when I forgot my coin,

It was all in the spirit of improving esprit de corps, teamwork, and friendship. As an up-and-coming golfer, and having enjoyed the experiences of the Military Challenge Coin, I have now introduced this long-held military tradition of the “Challenge Coin” to the golfing community, with uniquely designed Golf Challenge Coins. The coins are designed, specifically, for the golfing community.  The Golf Challenge Coins will bring some additional excitement and fun to golfing.

Get your Golf Challenge Coin today and – Be Ready for The Challenge!

Tommy Burns Golf Challenge Coins